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Welcome to Diverse Accountants!
neurodivergent owned and operated accounting firm.

My little corner of the accounting industry was born from all the feedback I was receiving from business owners, especially those of the neurodivergent variety. They wanted someone who knew numbers, but also someone who could be patient, understanding and they could easily talk to.

How am I different you ask? Well I am understanding, happy to help with anything you've got, and here when you need me. Communication is top of my list when it comes to my relationship with my clients - I make sure you know what is going on with your work and where things are at. My practice is also a place that you will be heard and feel safe, no matter your background or walk of life. 


In creating Diverse Accountants, it was important to me to create a business where other business owners feel right at home. I know how your brain works, I understand your needs when it comes to outsourcing your tax and accounting, and I'm with you at every stage, whether you are at start up stage to 6-figures and beyond! I can help with solutions to your struggles and also help you grow.

I'm really proud of the work Diverse Accountants does and I hope to chat with you soon to see how I can make an impact in your business too! OR on your personal tax if you are happily an employee!

Diverse Accountants is proudly neurodivergent, LGBTIQ+ and adult services friendly

Founder/Accountant (MIPA)

I have over 10 years experience in various areas of accounting, notably business advisory, CFO services and taxation.

I am also a content creator in the financial and neurodivergent spaces and love keeping up to date with everything tax, accounting & business so you don't have to! Tax and numbers are proudly my hyperfocus!

When I say I love numbers, I really mean it! My favourite hobby when I was a kid was to do maths equations my older sister set out on my blackboard. My favourite game at school was a maths challenge!

Outside of work, I am a wife, mum of 2 young children and an animal lover. I could eat Japanese food until the cows come home (and beyond) and I enjoy heading to the Gold Coast when my family needs a well earned holiday.

Institute of Public Accountants registered (MIPA) 300972

Tax Practitioners Board registered 26219765

Xero Advisor Certified

Xero Payroll Certified

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